The industry's most powerful and proven flow network analysis computation engine

  • Robust mathematical engine solves systems with hundreds of pipes in less than a second
  • Unlimited pipes and equipment and multiple models can be open at the same time
  • Incompressible and Compressible flow capabilities in a single software solution
  • Equation of state accurately determines the density of non-ideal gases
  • Tested and perfected in industry on hundreds of systems over the past 20 years


The Industry's most intuitive and efficient graphical user interface

  • Quickly draw a process flow diagram (PFD) for system documentation
  • Add pipe and equipment data to begin simulating and analyzing your system
  • Patented Smart Fittings automatically populates fittings and hand valves
  • Patented Speed Draw creates a pipe and a junction or equipment in a single click
  • Analyze mode highlights the root-causes of system flow and pressure bottlenecks


Integrated equipment sizing programs with high quality physical property data

  • Heat Exchanger Sizing
  • Pump Sizing
  • Flow Meter Sizing
  • Control Valve Sizing
  • Relief Valve Sizing
  • AIChE DIPPR® database of over 2000 components (DIPPR is a registered trademark of AIChE and is used by permission)


Model any process or utility system using one software and interface

  • Petroleum streams
  • Natural gas streams
  • Steam and condensate
  • Refrigerants
  • Instrument and compressed air
  • Cooling water and firewater
  • Any process or utility system


Powerful Features

The Process Innovator® graphical user interface allows for cost efficient design, simulation, and analysis of process and utility systems.  Model either liquid or gas systems with an unlimited number of pipes and equipment using the industry's fastest and most robust convergence engine.  Large pipeline distribution systems can be modeled, documented, simulated and optimized in the Process Innovator interface with minimal training and at the lowest cost possible while automatically identifying root-cause problems.


Design Mode

The patented Process Innovator interface includes many time-saving, Engineering Intelligence™ features to create a PFD drawing of your system and simulate various operating conditions.  Use Speed Draw™ for quickly drawing a pipe and a connected node or equipment in the direction selected with a single click.  Smart Fitting™ automatically populates fittings and hand valves to cut data entry time in half versus using a tedious and time consuming manual data entry approach.  Once the drawing is completed, click on pipe and equipment to add data on the right panel and you are ready to simulate.


Simulate Mode

In the Simulate mode, the model results are displayed almost instantaneously with EPCON’s advanced fluid flow simulation engine for even large models with hundreds of pipe and equipment.  The Simulate mode allows for review of process information on the drawing as specified by the user for quick appraisal of the results.  Clicking on a node, equipment, or pipe displays input and output data in the right pane.



Analyze Mode

Analyze mode provides a complete diagnostic of any pipe or equipment that is not within design specifications.  This quickly pinpoints the root-cause problems of flow and pressure drop problems in the system by highlighting those above design limits in red and those below design limits in purple.



Pipeline Sizing

This program determines the flow rate, pressure drop, or diameter for single phase flows in individual pipes.  Load a selected pipe in the Process Innovator interface into this detailed sizing program with a single click.  Calculate the pressure drop, flowrate or diameter for either liquid or gas pipes.


Heat Exchanger Sizing

This program sizes Shell and Tube heat exchangers and can be used for any combination of liquid, gas, condensing, or boiling on either the shell or tube side.  Accurate sizing can be done without supplying the thermal conductivity or heat transfer coefficient data.



Pump Sizing

This program determines the required pump differential head, hydraulic horsepower, and NPSH available of a pumping system with one suction pipe and one discharge pipe.  The suction and discharge pipeline pressure drops are automatically calculated when the diameter and length are entered.



Control Valve Sizing

This program sizes control valves for both gases and liquids.  Either the pressure drop, the sizing coefficient, or the flow rate may be determined.  The user may evaluate the effects of low versus high recovery valves, determine valve size to meet a given process demand, or analyze the effects of using an existing valve in a different system.



Flow Meter Sizing

This program sizes orifice plates, venturi tubes, and flow nozzles for liquid and gas systems.  The methods used are based on the Fluid Meters report published by ASME.  These methods calculate the discharge coefficient accurately without the need to search through tables to determine it.  The program can solve for pressure drop, orifice diameter, or flow rate and supports all the three popular types of orifice taps (flange, radius, and vena contracta).  In addition, it calculates the gas expansion coefficient for gas systems.


Physical Properties

EPCON’s PHYSIO™ software provides quick access to physical properties from the periodic table of the elements, the AIChE DIPPR Database® of approx. 2000 components, and ASME published steam table data.  The AIChE DIPPR Database provides both constant and temperature dependent physical properties.



Conversion Calculator

The Conversion Calculator software application provides quick and accurate conversions between commonly used units of measure in process engineering: length, area, volume, mass, temperature, differential temperature, pressure, differential pressure, density, viscosity (dynamic and kinematic), flowrate (mass, volumetric, and molar), speed / velocity, energy, power, force, surface tension, fouling resistance, thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient, heat flux, latent heat & specific heat.  The descriptions of the units of measure shown in each list display the commonly used abbreviation along with a full description to provide fast readability and recognition.






Fluid Flow Simulator

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