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Design Simulate Analyze


EPCON's Process Innovator simulation interface in SiNET 9 provides Engineering Intelligence™ to solve root cause fluid flow and pressure drop problems at your plant facility.


  • First Design the process flow diagram of the process or utility systems to be models and enter required input data for pipes, nodes and equipment.
  • Next Simulate to determine all of the flows and pressures throughout the entire system.
  • Then, Analyze to show the percent deviation from minimum and maximum design specifications for all pipes and equipment in the system.


With EPCON's Engineering Intelligence, pipes and equipment above or below set minimum and maximum deviations from design are colored to directly identify the root cause of low pressures and flows in the system.  The new AI is EI - Engineering Intelligence in EPCON's Process Innovator.


Design Process Innovator Diagrams

Learning the patented Process Innovator interface in SiNET 9 is quick and easy.  Drag equipment icons from a pallet of over 70 process equipment icons onto the pallet and click and drag between available connection ports to place pipes in the system.  SiNET 9’s patented Speed Draw creates an equipment and a connected pipe with just one click.

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Simulate Liquid or Gas Systems

Many fluid flow simulators on the market require the purchase of two separate products in order to simulate liquid and gas systems, but not with EPCON's SiNET 9.  No matter what stream composition, SiNET 9 can simulate it.

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Pipe Flow Analysis at its Finest

After designing and simulating your Process Innovator Diagram, analyze your system in detail to ensure optimal flows and pressures, or just let EPCON SiNET do it for you with our revolutionary, patent-pending Analyze Feature.

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Ingenuity Simplified

Powered by the Vaaler award winning Process Innovator, EPCON SiNET is

now even easier to use.

AIChE DIPPr® Database

With the AIChE DIPPr Database, your engineering calculations are based on accurate physical property data for over 2000 components.

Custom Icons

New custom icons to help make your Process Innovator Diagram shine.

EPCON Sizing Programs

Perform detailed equipment computations to size pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, control valves, relief valves and flowmeters.


Get access to all of the physical properties available in the DIPPr database to confirm your process simulation results.

Intelligent Features

Use Speed Draw to create process flow diagrams in half the time and Smart Fittings to intelligently populate your fittings and hand valves.





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