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Fluid Flow Simulation Studies

Increase production and profitability while improving process safety and environmental compliance by conducting a Fluid Flow Simulation Study of your utility, process, and pipeline systems.  This is possible due to  our many years of experience and superior software technology.  We develop up-to-date computer simulation models that represent the current operations of each system.


Multiple scenarios are  developed to ensure that recommendations to system deficiencies will result in the desired performance increases.  The reason  we are so successful at conducting these  studies is our ability to tune the computer simulation models to represent current day operations. This provides us with accurate pressure and flow rates at each point in the system.  With this important step, the resulting findings and recommendations yield significant savings.

Accurate flow rates and pressures are determined at key point in the system from field data.   Then we are able to run scenarios that determine the maximum hydraulic performance of the system after making recommended changes. Accomplish the following with a Fluid Flow Simulation study:

Uncover root-cause problems of low flow and pressure in any pipe system


Maximize facility uptime due to system flow reliability


Identify and correct all bottlenecks within the system


Exploit all energy and cost savings that are available


Increase the overall profitability and safety of each system












Systems we model include:

     - Fire Water

     - Cooling Water

     - Steam and Condensate

     - Boiler Feed Water

     - Compressed air

     - Nitrogen

     - Fuel gas


These are candidates for the identification and realization of significant savings.  All of these systems play a critical role in the operational success of your facility.  Piping systems deserve the same detailed analysis as any process unit operation since they are heavily dependent on the hydraulic performance to function properly.  These systems need to be optimized hydraulically to deliver maximum capacity.


If you are interested in fully realizing all of the savings potential from a fluid flow simulation study, call us at 800-367-3585 for a no obligation proposal.

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