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PRV PRO is the most mature and robust commercially available software for pressure relief valve analysis of non-reacting systems.   Developed over the past 25 years with a rigorous flash, 2-phase flow, and relational database, nothing compares with its accuracy and ease of use.


Fast & Accurate

Now you can become proficient in running pressure relief valve calculations with minimal training.  Tree-view navigation is provided for entry of equipment, fluid stream and relief valve data.  Once equipment geometric data, fluid stream compositions and relief valve specifications are entered, you are ready to begin entering relief scenarios.

Scenarios for fire, inadvertent valve, and exchanger ruptured tube automatically calculate required flowrate.   Additionally, you may enter the flowrate from a process simulation.  The worse case scenario is then identified for selection of the required relief valve and for sizing the inlet and outlet piping.


Thermo Expertise Built-in

A data bank of accurate binary parameters is included that is automatically selected for each component pair - providing high quality flash results.  Select the Thermodynamics option in the Setup menu to display the coverage of binary parameters and to edit  or add any parameters.

For systems not covered by the build in thermodynamics of PRV PRO, use the Dortmund Data Bank to regress accurate binary parameters for any chemical process based on available, experimental VLE data (more info at


Based on API & DIERS Methods

PRV PRO is based on published API and DIERS relief valve calculation procedures. If the relieving flow does not flash and remains single phase vapor or liquid, the program will select the orifice size based on the API method over the DIERS method.  The program calculates the maximum relieving pressure and the maximum allowable back pressure for each scenario based on the case and the valve parameters input by the user.

By performing constant enthalpy, isenthalpic flash calculations based on the initial upstream conditions, the program can determine the fluid properties at the maximum relieving pressure, downstream critical pressure, maximum allowable back pressure, or any other pressure as required, and size the relief valve accordingly.







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PRV PRO Pressure Relief Valve Analysis

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