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EPCON Software™ is one of the most widely used process engineering software tools within the industrial processing markets. Learn more about how EPCON Software™ can help you in your specific market below.

Petroleum & Petrochemicals

EPCON Software™ is a perfect fit for engineers actively engaged in the upstream or downstream petroleum industries. Whether you work directly with fluid flow systems, process equipment, or physical properties and thermodynamics, EPCON Software™ has a software application just for you. Since 1981, our software applications have been rigorously tested and proven to be the best in the petroleum and petrochemicals markets, which is why market leaders such as Shell Oil®, Chevron®, ConocoPhillips®, Citgo®, and BP® choose EPCON Software™ products for their everyday engineering projects and tasks.

Chemical Processing

EPCON Software™ has been an active member and distributor of the AIChE® DIPPR® Database since its founding and has helped improve the accuracy of thermophysical properties for use in process engineering software for many years. The latest, licensed version of the AIChE® DIPPR® Database is included with the majority of EPCON Software™ products. Since 1981, our software applications have been rigorously tested and proven to be the best in the chemical processing market, which is why market leaders such as 3M® and Dow Chemical® employ EPCON Software™ in their everyday engineering projects and tasks.

Gas Processing

EPCON Software™ partnered with DDBST to offer comprehensive property simulation software with the highest accuracy in VLE data for low-boiling hydrocarbons, never before available in the industry. The GPA Data Bank™, 5th Edition, was a major development project that captures 100% of all VLE data from over 200 GPA® Research Reports and Technical Publications. This comprehensive effort was overseen and reviewed by GPA’s Section F Committee and allows for quick and direct evaluation of available VLE data for direct determination of binary parameters and accurate results in process simulation.

Engineering & Construction

EPCON Software™ is widely-used within the engineering and construction industry. We currently develop and deliver an array of industry standards including the API Technical Data Book™ and the GPA Data Bank™. We also develop and distribute EPCON SiNET™, the industry-leading and top award-winning fluid flow simulator on the market, powered by the award-winning and patent-pending simulation environment Process Innovator™.

Power & Utilities

EPCON SiNET™ is the ideal choice for the modernization and expansion of power facility utility systems. Based on the widely successful implementation of EPCON SiNET™ in the chemical, oil, and gas industries, you can rely on our proven fluid flow simulation engines, patented and award winning graphical user interfaces, and strong thermodynamic capabilities to identify and resolve root-cause problems at your plant.

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