Powerful Features

CHEMPRO Engineering Suite includes all of the features of SiNET and adds analysis of 2-phase flow and a rigorous 3-phase flash.  You will quickly become proficient in Flash calculations without needing to run a complicated process simulator.  Just select the type of flash calculation desired, enter the feed properties, and specify the stream composition.  Quickly solve 2-phase and 3-phase flash computations for mixtures of pure and/or pseudo-components using the AIChE DIPPR Database and API published methods.  The flash drum on the main screen automatically changes from vertical to horizontal when 3-phases are predicted.



Ease of Use

The THERMA Pro interface provides a visual representation of the feed and flash drum for entry of data.  Select adding Pure Components, Psuedo Components, or Generating Psuedo components by clicking on their icons in the middle of the screen. Next, enter the mole or mass percent of each pure and pseudo component. The total percentage will we shown in red until it equal 100% and will then turn green. Then the Run Flash Calculations button will become activated so that the flash calculations can be performed. Results of the phase split and the properties for each phase are displayed in output grids on the main screen and the View Stream Properties screen.



Pseudo Components, SRK and NRTL parameters

Pseudo components can also be automatically generated by entering either a D86, D2887, or TBP crude assay along with the API or Specific Gravity. The generated pseudo components and calculated mole percentages are placed into the flash so that only the stream properties need to be entered to determine the phase split and properties of each phase. A databank of accurate SRK-KD and NRTL parameters is included that is automatically selected for component pairs -providing high quality 2-phase and 3-phase flash results. Use the View Binary Parameters button to display coverage of binary pairs.  Experimental VLE data to create custom binary parameters for any system of interest is available from DDBST (www.ddbst.de).


SINET Fluid Flow Simulator is included in CHEMPRO - Click Below to View


SINETFluid Flow SimulatorLiquid & Gas Pipe Networks





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