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With CHEMPRO 9, flash calculations can now be done without the need for a complicated process simulator using THERMA Pro™.  CHEMPRO 9 includes all of the features of SiNET 9 and the  Process Innovator.  With the addition of THERMA Pro you can confidently determine the phase splits and properties of hydrocarbon stream without being a thermodynamic expert.


Fast & Accurate

Now you can become proficient in running flash calculations without needing to learn a complicated process simulator.  There is no need to create feed streams, flash drums, and product streams graphically in a process simulator with CHEMPRO's THERMA Pro™.  Just select the type of flash calculation desired, enter the feed and flash properties, and specify the stream composition.

Quickly solve 2-phase and 3-phase flash computations for mixtures of pure and/or pseudo-components using the AIChE DIPPR® database and API published methods. The rigorous flash engine determines the phase splits involving a vapor and two liquid phases. The flash drum on the main screen automatically changes from vertical to  horizontal when 3-phases are predicted.


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Thermo Expertise Build-in

A data bank of accurate binary parameters is included that is automatically selected for each component pairs - providing high quality 2-phase and 3-phase flash results. Select the View Binary Parameters button to display the coverage of binary parameters and to edit any parameters.

Use the Dortmund Data Bank to regress accurate binary parameters for any chemical process based on available, experimental VLE data (more info at  Several property slates are provided with optimized property methods that can be customized to your specific needs.


Pseudo Components and Unit Sets

Pseudo components can be manually entered or automatically generated for a D86, D2887, or TBP crude assay along with the API or Specific Gravity. For generated pseudos, the components and calculated mole percentages are automatically placed into the flash so that the phase split and stream properties of each phase can be calculated.

Custom units of measure sets can also be added for any country/region to share your results worldwide.  Additionally any input or output can be individually changed to your desired units of measure.  Results are shown in the currently selected global units of measure set - toggle between unit sets with a single click.





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