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EPCON International's mission for 35 years has been to develop software that enables engineers to make a significant difference in their company and in their career.  The Engineering Intelligence™ in our new Process Innovator interface in SiNET 9 and CHEMPRO 9 was recognized by Chemical Processing magazine for its' significant contribution toward more effective and efficient plant operations in the chemical processing industries (2013 Vaaler Award).  CHEMPRO includes all of the features of SiNET and adds  THERMA PRO™ to accurately determine physical properties and phase splits without using a complicated process simulator.  EPCON has a proven track-record of enabling engineers to simulate and analyze process and utility piping systems.  Improve yourself and your company with EPCON Software - Ingenuity Simplified™.

Using the API Technical Data Book will quickly build your skills in characterizing crude assays and determining physical properties for any petroleum stream without having to use a process simulator or be dependent on a thermodynamic expert.  You’ll have access to 16 chapters of information on over 130 API standard physical property methods ranging from Watson k to heavy crude viscosity.  Just look up the property you have interest in by the chapter description (density, viscosity, etc.), drill down in the write-ups to the specific method, read the details and you now have knowledge similar to your thermo expert.  Each chapter also has an introduction section written specifically for plant based engineers so you can quickly grasp the fundamentals and build your own engineering skills and understanding of refinery thermodynamics.

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